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Black Tea or Laal Saah as we call it, is basically the tea . Its popularity in India has been powered by its place in our popular culture and not many people fully realise the benefits that tea carries. Today we reveal its powers against Diabetes, an increasingly common lifestyle disease. Read more to discover how Black Tea can manage your lifestyle disease concerns effectively.

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White tea is just one step above raw tea, and was the first type of tea created for storage, instantly recognisable by the presence of white hairs on the leaves. Know more about the least processed of all tea.

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 "When the time comes for relaxation, nothing is better than a hot cup of tea, with a book in hand or some music in a room. We'd say you have Oolong Tea, twice over!" Oolong (pronounced wu-long) tea is a variety which was developed in Ancient China. The story goes that oolong tea was first discovered in the Anxi region of the Fujian province when a man named Sulong, Wulong or Wuliang, accidentally allowed his tea leaves to oxidize after being distracted during the harvest. When he returned he brewed the semi fermented & semi oxidised tea, and found the...

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