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Summers are here and it is lockdown country out there. We thought why not give an icy twist to your favourite brew, while it helps boost your immunity. What we had in mind were some Iced Tea recipes which are easy to make and tasty to have. This one comes from our longtime association with @butfirstthirst - an instagram page dedicated to everything that quenches your thirst!! Ingredients: 1.5 tbsp or 3g Organic Green Tea ( Assam Boxont Organic Green Tea) 1 Bunch of Fresh Mint 1 tbsp of Stevia or Honey Method: Boil 300ml water to 90 Degrees, while boiling add 1...

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Black Tea or Laal Saah as we call it, is basically the tea . Its popularity in India has been powered by its place in our popular culture and not many people fully realise the benefits that tea carries. Today we reveal its powers against Diabetes, an increasingly common lifestyle disease. Read more to discover how Black Tea can manage your lifestyle disease concerns effectively.

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