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Summer has been hot & humid this year. We bring another new Iced Tea recipe for our patrons. We have collaborated with Naznin Bora, Investment Banker by profession with a passion for experimenting, prepping, clicking & sharing of food. She shares some fabulous and relatively unknown recipes from Northeast! Absolute Tea & Naznin have collaborated to bring Honey Green Iced Tea, with no sugar and artificial flavours. Its quite simple and healthy packed with the goodness of Green Tea & Honey. So lets start... Ingredients:1. Mouling Green Tea 2 tbspn 2. Half fresh lemon3. 1/2 tbsp chopped ginger4. Bunch of Mint...

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Iced Tea, Indian Tea, summer -

Summers are here and it is getting heated out there. We thought why not give an icy twist to your favourite brew. And what we had in mind were some Iced Tea recipe which are easy to make and tasty to have. Tangy Assam is inspired by the Legendary Lebu Cha you get in Assam. This chilled version of the local favourite is sure to leave you refreshed on a hot summer afternoon!! Ingredients: 1.5 tbsp Orthodox Black Tea (We have used Mouling Organic Black Tea) 1 Lemon Whole, 2-3 Wedges 2 tbsp. Sugar Mint Sprigs Method: Boil 300ml water to 90...

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