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Masala Chai - sweet chai with the aroma and flavour of spices, that's as Indian as you get in tea. Infusing our daily cup with spices and sugar is an age-old practice, very popular in Northern and Western India, it has gone on to become a rage across cafes and tea outlets the world over. 

Our blend of Masala Chai is the embodiment of Pure Assam Tea with the aroma and taste of Indian Spices. The spices have been handpicked, the combination has been very well received by the consumers.This blend contains Fine Assam CTC Tea with our trademark blend of spices which include (but not limited to) pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger. The cup produced is a balanced one with a taste sure to rejuvenate your senses.

The spices used here are ground and some whole bits may be seen. Have a cup of this to relieve your sore throat, your cold nose and just to warm yourself up.

Customer Reviews

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Wonderful and Exceptional

No words to say about the excellent masala chai

Really wonderful! Awesome taste and Fragrance

The best tea I've ever tasted in my life. I bought this in Assam's guwahati store and now I ordered it in Delhi.

The Most Amazing Masala Tea

Tried this amazing Masala Tea. Perfect CTC Blended with Amazing Hand Picked Indian spices.

Will highly recommend.

Best Masala Chai Ever.

This is the best Masala chai mix I've ever come across. Moreover, my parents and family members were wowed by this chai. This is how an ideal masala chai should taste like, kudos to the Absolute Tea team for creating this masterpiece.