Halmari Gold GTGFOP1 Clonal

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An iconic Assam Orthodox from Halmari Tea Estate in Dibrugarh, Assam. This beautiful tea is produced during the summer months when the bushes are at their prime. We can assure that this cup of Assam Orthodox would be amongst the best you have had yet.

Selectively plucked, tippy clean and delicately rolled leaves with a generous sprinkling of chunky golden buds which make for a nice contrast to the black leaves. The brew is a vibrant deep and clear hue of ruby red with saffron at the edges, indicating superb character. With a brisk taste which is strong yet sweet, while its complexity engulfs your senses.

Special mention to the fact that this grade of tea made during Summer has won multiple awards in the past few years, including the Gold Medal at World Tea Championships in Feb 2019.

Origin: Khowang, Upper Assam

Season: Summer Second Flush 2019

Steeping Instructions: 2g - 4 minutes - 90°C