DonyiPolo Golden Needles Tea - World Record Tea - Summer 2019

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In Oyan, a small village in East Siang District of Arunachal Pradesh lies Donyi Polo Tea Estate. The tea master at this estate has crafted this tea with utmost care and precision, testimony to the fact is the price it achieved at competitive auctions held at Guwahati Tea Auctions for the second year in running.

Buds are plucked when very young and are expertly processed in particular weather parameters, ensuring a golden look on the leaves.

The raw leaves are soft and velvety to touch, with a golden hue. The brewed liquor is mild bodied and sweet with a rose-like floral aroma to accompany, reminiscent of crushed sugarcane. The taste would instantly remind you of candied rose or Gulkandh.

This is a LIMITED EDITION and comes packed in Golden Coloured Tin Cans or Pouches.