Goomtee Spring Black Tea

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Goomtee Tea Estate produces some of the most sought after black and oolong tea in Darjeeling. Sandwiched between Castleton and Jungpana Tea Estates, the estate has been producing tea since 1899.

Every spring Goomtee produces some of the most delicate and flavourful tea, this year was no exception. This year the estate has produced a cup with delightful aromatic tea, which produces a light golden brew with notes of fresh unripened fruits and the orchids which flower in the area.

This spring tea resonates as you take in the joy of its aromatic yet subtle flavoured sip, which is light and refreshing like spring in Kurseon, where the garden is!

Produce: First Flush, Spring 2019

Region: Mahanadi, Kurseong, Darjeeling

Grade: FTGFOP1