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Tocklai CTC - International Tea Day Special - 2022

Tocklai CTC - International Tea Day Special - 2022

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Tocklai Tea Estate managed by Tea Research Station, Tocklai, which is the oldest Tea research facility in the world. The fields managed by TRA, have produced a special batch of tea using the finest tea making practices. 

The raw leaf exudes the coppery glow, which a good Assam CTC exhibits during the summer. The granules have that coppery sheen indicative of a good tea. The cup produced is deep reddish in tone sans milk, with milk added it goes to a bright kadak cup of chai.

This tea was produced as a part of Tea Board of India's International Tea Day, in which the board asked the gardens to pluck just the best leaves and deliver a cup reminiscent of the golden age of Assam CTC.

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Customer Reviews

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Raghavendra Bhat
Gutty, malty, aroma-rich, Rungliting has all

Rungliting tea tingles your palate with its infinite richness. The brew is deep coppery-red, smooth and mouthful. Its malty nose rises above a fruity-spice aroma. Superb tea, must taste the milk tea with its golden-brown pop and creaminess!

Refreshed 40 year old memories!

When this tea started boiling, it's aroma took me back 40 years - my child hood days! Since then, never came across such a fragrance and taste! It's colour is amazing and it brings a unique taste. In true sense you feel you had a tea!!!