AbsoluteTea.in - New Design, Refreshed User Experience & Better Collection..

Everyone loves a good comeback!! 

AbsoluteTea is back, we have had numerous requests over the past year to restart our online store.
We were doubtful, but you (our consumers) had faith and pursued us to restart our online store. This time, we went the extra mile, got feedback from our patrons. This new website is a reflection of that.

  • Our Tea Collection: Good old Assam Chai, musky Darjeeling or healthy green tea. We have it all. This time we have added exotic tea like Oolong, Yellow Tea and White Tea. We would soon be featuring some rare Purple Tea as well, keep an eye out for that!
  • New Design: Every good product  or service needs good design to stand out. This iteration of absoluteTea.in has paid special importance to get a sleek design with elegant colour, original consumer generated content and high quality pictures to back up our fabulous tea collection!
  • Smooth User Experience: User experience was a big point that came across in our survey of consumers we undertook before, getting down and creating this webstore. Attention has been paid to ensure intuitive workflow and ease of navigation, making the user experience in this portal a pleasant.

We have loads more in store for the coming months, Fresh New Tea is surely amongst the plans. With Free Shipping across the board, we hope that our you shower us with your orders, referrals and content. We promise better tea and some cool goodies in between!

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Your unbridled dedication towards Tea and its quality is clearly visible on the revamped website. Your Tea collection is an absolute delight.


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