Assam Tea - The Introduction

Chai - The Gift of Assam

If strength's your weakness, Assam is just your cup of Tea.

Join us as we introduce you to your favourite tea. Know more about Assam and Assam Tea!

In 1823, the Scotsman Robert Bruce discovered a familiar plant growing in wild on his trip to the Northeastern Frontier of India. Unable to confirm the plant, he sent the leaves to his brother in erstwhile Calcutta, who confirmed that the leaves of the plant were indeed of Camellia Sinesis, known to us as Tea. The trade difficulties with China meant that the demand existed. 

Assam - The home of the one horned rhino and the mighty Brahmaputra. Nestled on the doorstep to Northeast India, Assam is blessed with verdant valleys and exotic wildlife, it is world famous for Assam Tea. Characterized by its strong, bright and full bodied liquor, a must have for people world over who like their cuppa strong!

Assam is the World's Largest Single Tea producing region. The plucking is frantic aided by the climate and Assamica variety of plant that has fast flushes of leaves. The production season lasts from March till late November. There are three distinct periods or flushes in Assam tea. Each having their own character, they are:

1. First Flush: Starts by early March and continues for three weeks. This tea has a very strong liquor and a feign flavour. Nowadays artificial irrigation and better plant clones have seen this advance to early March. We have a few products enroute....

2. Second Flush: Mid May to End of June. The best of the three flushes has a great balance of strength, good liquor and great flavour which cannot be replicated in any other flushes. This remains in heavy demand globally, being in Assam we will be bringing to your cups the Finest Second Flush Tea. The Assam Royale and Hathidubi Orthodox are from 2nd Flush of 2016, try them to discover what we mean by second flush tea.

3. Autumn: End of October and early November. Due to global warming in the last few years the window for Autumn Tea has become irregular. Autumn Tea produces a mellow liquor with great flavour. It forms a perfect blending tea to the second flush tea!

This is just the beginning. Going ahead we would be sharing more about Assam Tea regarding aspect of its types, growing regions and statistics. Do send in your pictures, comments and videos about Assam Tea. We would be happy to share the, who knows we may surprise you with some malty goodness from Assam!

We have some great tea from Assam amongst our collection and we would be adding more to that. To check them out click here


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@Anupamaji we can just imagine the experiences you must have had at your nani-bari (we like it Desi :P) . Just the description of the freshly brewed leaves gives us the feels, we would be trying that out on the next trip to an estate!
@Priyankji We are encouraged and promise to continue with the series of blogs on a myriad of topics, bringing a wider understanding of the geography, tea and tea culture for our readers!

Absolute Tea

Assam Tea – is considered as a royal cup of tea for tea lovers. The aroma and taste is distinctive and has its own world to mingle. Tea has been considered as a brand to me and the introduction to much refined way present by is another reason why i fall in love with tea again and again

Priyank Jalan

Nothing can beat the aroma you get while roaming among the tea bushes,and if one can lay hands on a few raw green tea leaves and brew it in a freshly cut bamboo ;you will be mesmerised .The aroma and taste still lingers after 25 years.I had done this at my maternalgrandpas house ie Nahorjan tea Estate.Still crave for that taste.

Anupama Sarawagi

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