Black Tea - The Drink Against Diabetes

Black Tea or Laal Saah as we call it, is basically the tea sans milk. Black Tea or Orthodox as many would know is not as popular in India, however in parts of Eastern India, its the preferred drink. Black Tea is usually weaker on the palate but stronger on the aroma's, its far more nuanced. Apart from that it carries a plethora of benefits, which is unknown to many. One of them is that it is among the most effective ways to tackle and prevent Diabetes, the most common lifestyle disease in today's time. Here we list some of the ways Black Tea helps fight Diabetes, esp Type 2 Diabetes: 

1. Black Tea Helps to Metabolize Sugar

Black tea can be a good choice for the type 2 diabetes patients, as the properties available in the drink helps the human body to metabolize sugar by improving the metabolic system. 

2. Antioxidants Reduce Risk of Heart Diseases

People suffering from diabetes should regularly drink Black Tea because it contains polyphenols that help the human body to reduce oxidative stress and helps widening arteries. Properties available in black tea also reduce the blood pressure and cholesterol that are responsible for heart disease.

3. Drinking Black Tea to Prevent Diabetes

According to some researchers, all tea variants are good for diabetes patients, but if a person takes black tea on a regular basis, he or she can reduce the possibility to develop diabetes. Black tea comes with polyphenols that are good for people with diabetes because its help human body to improve the metabolic system.

4. Increase Insulin Activity

Several researches conducted to discover beneficial properties in the drink suggest that tea, especially the black tea improves insulin sensitivity in the human body, which is important to maintain healthy blood pressure. Insulin sensitivity in human body helps to prevent blood clot and reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

These are some among the long list of benefits offered by a cup of Black Tea. So why wait, include a daily cup of Black Tea goodness in your routine and make a start to be healthy.

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