Green Tea & Its Health Benefits

Cups of Green Tea

Not a great fan of green teas? Then, you mustn’t have read all the available information on green tea yet! That’s because once you read these perks of having green tea in your daily routine, you'd wonder why did you not start earlier:

#1) Detox –
Whether a bad hangover or too much of toxin in your body, a cup of green tea can flush all impurities out of your system. So, carry a couple of these tea bags in your pouch for you never know when you hit a pub!

#2) Calm Down the Tension –
Unlike coffee, green tea is replete with the amino acid L-theanine that increases the activity of GABA in the human brain. Don’t you know what GABA does? Well, it calms down your anxious mind!

#3) Get Energized –
Green tea has proven effects on energy proliferation. One cup each in the morning and evening will save those tired lids from drooping.

#4) Burn Some More Fat –
Green tea increases the body metabolism rate and helps to burn more fat.
If you want to shed that extra belly flab and fit into your dream attire, drinking green tea during the day might make your efforts more effective!

#5) Blow the Blues Away –
One of the major benefits of green tea is having calming effects on the brain, thereby curing anxiety and depression. So, if you are suddenly feeling gloomy and despair, curl up to your favorite corner and have a sip of chamomile green tea! It might help…

#6) Bid Goodbye to Type II Diabetes –
According to Japanese research, those who drank 6 or more cups of green tea in a day had 33% reduced chances of developing Type II Diabetes. It helps to regulate the blood sugar and insulin level, thereby preventing the disease.

#7) No Tooth Decay –
Did you know that the presence of “catechin” in green tea prevents those bacteria responsible for throat infections and tooth decay?

#8) Anti-acne –
If you are often bothered by painful eruptions on your skin, try green tea! It has got anti-acne properties as it is rich in antioxidants!

#9) Fight Bad Cholesterol –
Green tea reduces the percentage of bad cholesterol in the blood and increases good cholesterol!

#10) Live Longer –
Several studies show that green tea helps consumers to live longer and healthier. Well, with all those health benefits, this had to happen!

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