Honey Green Iced Tea - Summer Cooler

Summer has been hot & humid this year. We bring another new Iced Tea recipe for our patrons. We have collaborated with Naznin Bora, Investment Banker by profession with a passion for experimenting, prepping, clicking & sharing of food. She shares some fabulous and relatively unknown recipes from Northeast!

Absolute Tea & Naznin have collaborated to bring Honey Green Iced Tea, with no sugar and artificial flavours. Its quite simple and healthy packed with the goodness of Green Tea & Honey. So lets start...

1. Mouling Green Tea 2 tbspn
2. Half fresh lemon
3. 1/2 tbsp chopped ginger
4. Bunch of Mint Leaves
5. 2/3 tbspn Honey
6. 500ml boiling water
7. Ice

1. Start by boiling water
2. Add honey, some crushed mint leaves and ginger.
3. Once the water boil, let it cool for 30 seconds & add 2 tbsp of Mouling Green Tea.
4. Strain the ingredients in a glass after 3 mins, let it cool at room temperature.
5. Once the tea cools down, squeeze half lime into the tea & stir.
6. Add some crushed ice to the tea.
7. Garnish with some mint leaves.

Once the tea rests you'd would find the colour taking an apricot colour, resultant of the honey that we have added. While sipping the tea we recommend that you have a look at recipes and preparations from Naznin's Kitchen Diaries here!

Pro-Tip: For the perfect Glass of Honey Green Iced Tea, we recommend using Mouling Organic Green Tea!

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Bought Arunachal golden tea. Each sip was excellent refreshing the nerves and brought life to taste buds. Me and my wife getting addicted to the same. Truly a great flavour and aroma.

Syed Jafar Jawed

I have had the good fortune of tasting both the green and the orthodox tea from the Mouling tea estate. It is a tea with a delicate, refreshing, and yet an intense character. The aroma…heady, the colour ….amber, and the taste simply…exquisite.

Vinita Singh

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