Summer Coolers - Tangy Assam Iced Tea

Tangy Assam Iced Tea

Summers are here and it is getting heated out there. We thought why not give an icy twist to your favourite brew. And what we had in mind were some Iced Tea recipe which are easy to make and tasty to have.

Tangy Assam is inspired by the Legendary Lebu Cha you get in Assam. This chilled version of the local favourite is sure to leave you refreshed on a hot summer afternoon!!



  • Boil 300ml water to 90 Degrees, while boiling add 1.5 spoons of sugar and squeeze half a lemon’s juice into the water. Switch off the heat once the water starts bubbling.
  • Brew 1.5 teaspoons of Orthodox Black Tea in the heated water for 3mins. While the tea brews give the leaves a stir to ensure they give out all their colour and flavour!
  • Once brewed strain and let it cool down. In a tall glass lightly squeeze a couple of lemon wedges and drop them in.
  • Crush some Mint leaves and drop them in too. Add some Ice Crush and pour in the Brewed Tea. Garnish with some Mint leaves as garnish.

Do try Tangy Assam Iced Tea. Share your pics and reviews on Twitter & Facebook. Who knows you may get yourself some Assam Black Tea from

Update: We have had Naznin, a food blogger from Assam try out this iced tea recipe. Kitchen Diaries by Naznin is her blog where you can find recipes from Assam. Do read her blog to discover the relatively unknown recipes from Assam & Bengal!!

Picture Credit: Naznin Bora at Kitchen Diaries by Naznin

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@VinitaSingh We would agree with you, geographically speaking. However, the tea from Arunachal Pradesh is also classified as Assam Tea in general tea trade. We will make a change to that effect!

Absolute Tea

Would just like to mention that Mouling is a tea estate in Arunachal Pradesh and not Assam (as presented in your post)

Vinita Singh

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