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Assam Select - Pure Assam CTC

Assam Select - Pure Assam CTC

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Celebrate 200 Years of Assam Tea with Our Pure CTC Tea - Launched in Varanasi!

Experience the rich legacy of Assam with our Assam Select - Pure Assam CTC, launched recently in Varanasi, UP by us during the roadshow to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of Assam Tea. Crafted from the finest hand-picked leaves grown in the heart of Assam's lush tea estates, this tea is processed using the traditional Crush-Tear-Curl (CTC) method, resulting in a strong, full-bodied cup with a vibrant amber color.

Unveil the Essence of Assam:

  • Rich, Malty Character: Savor a distinctly malty taste, the hallmark of authentic Assamese black tea.
  • Strong and Color-Rich: Brew a deep amber cup brimming with a robust flavor, perfect for a classic cup of chai.
  • Ideal for Milk Tea Lovers: The tea's strong character stands up beautifully to milk and sugar, creating the perfect base for a satisfying chai.
  • Enjoy Throughout the Day:
    • Morning Kickstart: Begin your day with a bold and invigorating cup.
    • Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Savor a rich and flavorful beverage to combat the afternoon slump.
    • Relaxing Evening Ritual: Unwind with a comforting and warming cup before bed.

Order your Pure Assam CTC Tea today and experience the authentic taste of Assam!

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Harish Chanchal
Nice flavour

Must try