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Black Tea or Laal Saah as we call it, is basically the tea . Its popularity in India has been powered by its place in our popular culture and not many people fully realise the benefits that tea carries. Today we reveal its powers against Diabetes, an increasingly common lifestyle disease. Read more to discover how Black Tea can manage your lifestyle disease concerns effectively.

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Invented in 1930-31 in Assam by a British Estate manager, CTC has gone on to become synonymous with tea in India. Lets know more about the granules which brew us a strong, full bodied cup of tea!!

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If strength's your weakness, Assam is just your cup of Tea. Join us as we introduce you to your favourite tea. Know more about Assam and Assam Tea! In 1823, the Scotsman Robert Bruce discovered a familiar plant growing in wild on his trip to the Northeastern Frontier of India. Unable to confirm the plant, he sent the leaves to his brother in erstwhile Calcutta, who confirmed that the leaves of the plant were indeed of Camellia Sinesis, known to us as Tea. The trade difficulties with China meant that the demand existed.  Assam - The home of the one horned rhino...

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